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Spacetime Layers connects people with the world around them via an interactive map. Bring the history, culture and nature of a location to life with multimedia messages in its own map layer. Spacetime offers the platform, organizations create the content. Together we multiply our reach!

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Online platform for information on location

Spacetime Layers is a platform on which organizations can create their own interactive map in an instant. Similar to YouTube, you manage your own channel as an organization or department within Spacetime Layers, in this case a map layer. Via a user-friendly interface you can place your content about Points of Interest on an existing map and in this way Spacetime Layers becomes an interactive map for your target group.


Developing your own app for information on location is therefore no longer necessary. With Spacetime Layers, you puncture an existing system and benefit from the continuous innovation and further development of the platform. Moreover, this way you not only serve your own supporters, but those of all participating organizations.

Dynamic content

The possibilities are endless.

Dynamische content van Spacetime Layers

Information about buildings, facilities, nature and culture and everything that takes place within it. Presented in the form of text, image, sound, a route, a game with augmented reality or even real-time information such as camera images or free parking places. If you want, we can help you place or load the content on the platform. We can also create the content for you.

Whether you are dealing with world heritage, education, tourism, sustainability, mobility, health or something completely different. You share your content in Spacetime Layers to help people learn something new, to be amazed, to get involved or to enrich the information.

We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities for your organization. Request the quick scan now for an initial inventory of suitable content.

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Free app

The users of Spacetime Layers get access to your content via a free interactive app. By turning layers on and off you see the information you are are interested in, at the right place and the right time. Whether you are in nature or walking through a city, from now on you will have all the information relevant to that place with you in one clear app.

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Advantages of Spacetime Layers

Spacetime Layers offers different benefits to organizations and their target groups compared to developing or downloading individual apps across a location.

Ready-made platform

What YouTube is for videos, Spacetime Layers is for location information. You place your content in your own map layer on the interactive map. The user himself combines the information from all organizations.

Ready-made user base

Every organization brings its own target group to the platform. So instead of having different apps per theme and region, the user now has one app for all information on location. Share your users, multiply your reach!

No development costs and low hosting costs

We have already developed the platform and the app for you, you only pay a monthly fee for accessing your content.

Continuous development

We manage the platform and the app, you manage the content. Every new functionality that is developed in collaboration with an organization becomes available to all other organizations.

Always new applications

The idea for Spacetime originated in a Groningen primary school. Master Patrick Trentelman made a start-up of his class. Together with software developer New Nexus they build an app, Spacetime; a digital time capsule with which you can send information to the future.

During a city walk with the class of the Groningen Archives, Patrick realized: the world is outside and is full of stories that want to be told. What if you build an app in which organizations can offer their knowledge and stories belonging to that location? A Spacetime with information layers: Spacetime Layers.

Spacetime Layers has now grown into a platform on which various organizations share their information on location with their target group. Historical walks, art routes, educational gaming. The applications are countless.

For example, the platform is also very suitable for information from sensors (Smart City, 5G), events (time tables on location) or the display of facilities (toilets for disabled people, water taps, etc.). Every organization benefits from the new possibilities.

The possibilities are endless

Cultural heritage

Statues, monuments, history

Augmented reality

Layers of realities

Live feeds

Sensors, webcams, IoT


City-walks, local stories unfold

Public information


Events and themes

Time-tables at the stage

Fun and games

Mystery tours, playgrounds

Corporate accounts

Hidden Layers for internak use


Messages from the crowd

Read more about the application of Spacetime Layers specifically for education here.. You can see an example of a treasure hunt with Augmented Reality in this video.

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Groninger Archieven
Drents Archief
New Nexus Mobile
Groninger Archieven
Drents Archief
New Nexus Mobile


We would like to think along with you about the possibilities of Spacetime Layers for your organization. Call or email us with your questions or make an appointment.

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